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Merry Christmas!  

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I finished granny's angel with only minutes to spare, I do like her...I hope Granny does.  What  do you think?

I want to wish you and yours a safe and Merry Christmas!
Hugs to all!

What cha working on Wednesday?  

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Well. I'm still working on granny's angel. Here's a quick pic of what I got so far.....I think she's a keeper...

I have to work on her wings and dress and her little bird. all in all I like her. I'm hoping to get her finished this week. What do you think?

I did however finish a new bird and a stinker.....

They both are on etsy right now. :)
Have a great Wednesday!

Last of the Christmas goodies...  

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Have been listed on etsy. I'm two days ahead this year! Self high five! LOL The last thing I have to do is make my Granny (Carolyn) an angel for Christmas. I always make her something special as one of her gifts. This could be a little overwhelming I haven't done a doll like her in a couple of years. So it might be interesting. Giggle.

Snowball Is sold but I will take orders for her until Monday Dec 10th

Peppermint kitty

 Have a great week!

The first upcycled goodie...  

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Well, Here's the first one..I started it over the weekend in the midst of him targeting all my found treasures. An glass flour canister. I think it turned out just the cutest. What do you think? He is listed on etsy.....and is one of kind.

Well off to make some Christmas kitties :)

Imagine this jar filled with candy canes or or favorite cookies.

close up of face...so sweet....just a ball of fun


Thank goodness for Monday's....  

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I know who loves Mondays? Well this week I do. My husband was on a winter clean out of Crystal's goodies kick.....Ugh, So now to save my collection of found goodies I must begin those projects. So be on the lookout for these. I'm working on two right now.

But in the mean time I just finished the cutest Christmas tree! I just love him. ♥

Douglas S. Fir Available in my etsy shoppe

I'm also making him with jute cord garland for a more country look. I'll be starting new Valentines and Spring goodies and working on some new birds....in the upcoming weeks. Busy Busy Busy!  

Happy Thanksgiving!  

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I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

We are off the island....  

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Gilligan's that is..... Finally we are back on line! My computer went caaput on Saturday. :( But all is well now. While I couldn't surf the net.....I worked on some new cuties. I must say my favorites are Mac and Darren. But I love them all. They are going to be on etsy later this evening. Here's a sneek peek....


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It's a chilly start to November! Before you know it will be Christmas. I've been busy the last few days working on Christmas goodies. I have lots still to do! I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving and harvest goodies. I have a few new items coming out this week. I hope you'll take a peek at them on my etsy shoppe. I might be listing a few goodies on ebay also.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Halloween!  

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Have a spooky day!!


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As most know my grandmother Norma Caruthers passed away Friday. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your well wishes. Thank you! It means the world to me that you would take the time out of your day to see that mine was a little brighter.

I also wanted to give my thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the storms! I hope this finds you all safe! My love to all my dear friends... you are in my thoughts tonight! Love and hugs!

New Christmas goodies.....  

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I've been hard at work designing new goodies for upcoming holidays. This week I should have a head start on some new finished dolls. :)
Here's what I've come up with so far.....

Desperate Carrot My fav little character!

                                           Snow S. Flake (smaller version also available in my etsy shop)

Holly S. Berry ( How can you resist that face?)

Have a great week!

It's fall...  

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Well, the dog days of summer have ended and the cool breeze of fall is here! Thank goodness! I was tired of the heat this year...I'm so ready for snuggling up with a quilt and sipping some hot chocolate!

I've been pretty busy over the last few days with orders and finishing up the last few goodies for this years fall items. Oct. 10th will be my last day to push out a few new goodies that popped into my head at the last moment. Next year I think I'll start in June making all the fall items!

I do have a head start on  Christmas 2012 and winter 2013. I have a couple of cuties for Valentines day...I know February right....Sometimes the ideas come at the oddest times.  I can't wait for these new dolls.

Have a great weekend!
I'm off to finish a snowman or two, and a pumpkin man......

Congratulations to our Facebook Winners  

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Well my week has been busy...Em's Prims has 100 likes on facebook and to celebrate I'm drawing names for our giveaway today and announceing the winners! :) And the winners are The Counrty Store Susan Mudge, Red Rooster Antiques, and Deise Guilherme! And our Family winner is Rosie Swain (To be fair I pulled out all my family and did another drawing for them) Do you want to be entered in our next facebook give away? All you have to do is like our page. And your entered. I'm also going to do more smaller giveaways on there too! So Like and Share our Page!  

I'm also going to start giveaways on this blog....So look out for them! 
Here's the new goodies in my etsy shoppe....

Can you tell what my favorite Halloween treat is??? Yep Candy Corn!

New Christmas/Winter goodies are coming soon. If I can just get this dancing  tomato out of my head. She's close to being done. Hopefully tonight..... Then Holly is coming! I think they are just the sweetest things.

Have a great weekend!
Congrats to our winners!

As promised....  

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 Just a few of the birdies that flew in....

                                                              Shine bright my little star!


New fabric!  

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I'm always looking for new fabrics to create my little goodies from....I spent the weekend doing some trial runs on a new fabric...and I'm in love with look and feel of my dolls, I did a old design and a new one and I can only say awesome. I love it...I really hope you do to. Also it is a lot easier for me to work with which means lot's more new goodies and designs. I worked on few yesterday and I'm finishing them up tonight. In recent months I've noticed the quality of the warm and natural has gone down hill. :( I haven't been able to buy any in months now. It was so thin last time I went to Jo-Ann's I touched it and put a hole in it. Not good for what I use it for. This fabric is bit more expensive and a higher quality. So I don't mind paying more if it means I'm not going to waste much of it. (mess ups, blow outs.. There is nothing like stuffing everything just for it to get a hole when you are making divots for the eyes and watch your daughter cut the head off to get the stuffing out!(my daughters favorite thing to do)!)  Warm and natural stretches really bad and this new fabric let's me mold them more like a little piece of clay but with fabric and stuffing. And painting them is going to show more of my skills because u have to be right on the mark with this fabric. I'm so excited!  I hope you are ready for a bunch of new designs because I have a lot for Christmas and the new birdies are flying in!

I hope to have pictures later tonight.
Hugs! Crystal

Busy weekend...  

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working on a jar of frogs..LOL I also finished up a new frog witch and started a new jol bobble head...I just need to put him together..first on the agenda for tomorrow...The rest of my day is up in the air.  I think I might just sit outside on the porch and enjoy my iced tea and watch the cars go by! Sounds like a plan...

I know I'm on a froggy kick...but how can you resist that face?

The last witch of 2012 :( (I think!!!)

New fall gooodies!  

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Well it's that time of year to start some great fall items. I just love creating for Halloween. It makes me so happy! Here's some new designs that are available in my etsy shop. I hope they make you smile... :)

JOL Bobber
Wicked frog

For these little goodies visit my Etsy Shoppe.....And while your there visit the OFG Team artists. Type OFG TEAM in the search bar for more fabulous Halloween goodies.

Have a great weekend...I'm off to create some new frog witches and a couple more surprises!
Hugs, Crystal

Ball of fun...  

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Just a quick post...... I got some new ornaments in my etsy shoppe today.....and I'm working on more...Here's a peek ...

A little chicken  

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Well, I finished some new goodies over the weekend and got a couple of them listed yesterday. I feel like I'm so behind...Anyways, Ms. Chicken Little made her debut today! She's a little different than my other birds..She has a cute little dress and fabric legs. And for Halloween I finished up Wicked Wanda and her broomstick. I'm really pleased at how she came out and the first of the Christmas ornaments. Sam the snowman. (pics coming soon!) :) Look for a large version of Sam coming in September.

Have a great night I'm off for some much needed sleep!♥

Is it a bat.....or a pumpkin?  

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Just listed my newest bat! I don't know is it a pumpkin or a bat??? I'm so excited I''m going to be busy today..3 new designs and some New Snowman ornaments! I'm hoping to have them ready by Monday! Fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Crystal

Tattle Tale.....  

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growing up I wasn't much of a tattle tale, I left that job up to my little sis Kelly, She was the master of telling on you......But, Since I learned from the master I'm going to tattle on two wonderful shops on etsy from the Old Farmhouse gathering team full of prim goodies... First is....

Kit Kat Crafts 

She's a wonderful painter and I just love her goodies!! She has Birdhouses & Plaques for every room in the house....Even the front porch!
I think this one is my favorite.....I can see it hanging on my front porch welcoming visitors..

I don't know I like this one too. I love the little doorknob. What can you hang on it??? I can think of a few things!
Oh, no....I love this too....I guess you'll have to visit her shop... Kit Kat Crafts

I also found a wonderful little shop full of wickedly cute dolls.....

The Night Owl Studio 

She has the most wonderful dolls! But, I must say my favorite is......

How can you resist that face??? So sweet and detailed....I love the button eyes. He just makes me grin!

You all know I love me a pumpkin doll! Well I found one.....

She's a little steam punk beauty. Her dress is just awesome! I love her little hat! Someone will be very lucky to add her to there collection! 

Hop on over and visit these great dolls  @ The Night Owl Studio 
I'm sure you'll find a doll to add to your collection! 

Hugs, Crystal

New Goodies!  

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I've added new goodies today in my Etsy shop! I'm finishing up a couple new birds tonight and starting on another fall doll!

Chit Chat Bird
Brooklyn Blue Bird
Batty Pumpkin
Rose-Lyn Black

Have a great week!

I'm Feeling Batty!  

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Well, atleast this weekend I did. All my new goodies are in one form or another bats. They are all just a little quirky. I also finished up that clown...He was really hard to do since I could only work on him when Paige was assleep. Now he's locked up in a box waiting patiently for some one to adopt him. He'll be listed on Lemon Poppy seeds Halloween Shoppes later today! Here's a little sneaky peek.....

He's a Halloween Clown! I'm not sure of his name yet.....Paige's thought's Creepy little dude. LOL
I think he's adorable!

On to the bat's.....
                                          Clyde is just a ball full of fun!
Kavida is just the cutest little vampire bat. She was so much fun.....but, there will only be this one..she will have a  sister and a couple wicked cousins.
Halloween wouldn't be complete without candy corn! Even little crows eat to much of it! This is what happens when you eat too much!

Have a great day! ♥