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New goodies added!  

Posted by: Crystal Cord

Just a quick note.... I added some goodies to Em's Prims
Wendi Whale and Mrs S. Cargo the snail are making their big debut today. I hope you enjoy them. Next week Clarece Crab will make an appearance.

Sweet Nothings are here!  

Posted by: Crystal Cord

It's been awhile since I posted.... I finally got most of my stuff unpacked from the move and the house back together. Ugh, I will never move again. I didn't realize I had so much supplies until you start boxing it up. I think I have a touch of hoarder when it comes to rusty stuff. I found things I thought I lost and lost a few items on the way. Boy I hope I don't need those rusty bed springs. LOL

Last May I started creating little Sweet Nothings.
What is a Sweet Nothing? They are little pieces of my heart. My happy thoughts. Elephants, Birds, whales and snails just to name a few. I am truly at my happiest when I'm creating them.

Which led to my decision to limit my Halloween goodies to my Lemon PoppySeeds shop, and let emsprims.com carry Sweet Nothings full time. The Halloween shop will only carry one of a kind Halloween goodies that won't be repeated.

Sometimes Change is good......And when it makes you as happy as I am you just gotta run with it.

I just wanted to thank all those that have supported my decision and those that have a little piece of my heart sitting on their shelf. Thank you for giving them wonderful homes and all the great comments and feedback. XOXO

Want a sneak peek of what's coming in 2012? Well here she is......

Wendi Whale

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