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Baby Bunnies and Rain...  

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What a combo. Yesterday we had my little sister's baby shower. She's having a little boy Jackson! :) We are all excited. I made her a little baby bunny for her table. He is just the cutest little thing. It was a beautiful shower with lots of family and friends. Then the real shower occurred...more like a hurricane. Normally I love a good thunderstorm. but yesterday was not that day. My window wouldn't roll up....so I'm standing in the rain with a garbage bag trying to cover it up. It would of worked too if it wouldn't of been for that pesky convertible top. No metal around the window. But, I'm pretty resourceful so I hopped in the car and turned it around so the rain wasn't blowing in.. As I sat in my little car and tried to push that stupid button for the millionth time I wondered why I opted for power windows... a little vision of my next doll came to mind. I'll be working on that today. The moral of the story....carry duck tape in your trunk....and even at your worst moment something great could happen and always laugh because it could of been that convertible top not going up. :)

Jackson's bunny is listed in my etsy shop as a custom order doll. He was awesome sitting next to her while she opened all her gifts. He or She is available in your choice of colors and Personalized with your choice of name.

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to sew!
Hugs, Crystal

Enchanted Pumpkin Pie  

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Sometimes, I just wonder where in my mind some ideas come from. This one just crept up on me. I think I was hungry...odd thing I don't like pumpkin pie. LOL,  I'm a Lemon Meringue girl. Yummy! But just my Mom's.
But, I do love a creepy pumpkin guy any time of the year.

He's now listed in my etsy shop.

He's a great little piece I just love how he came to life and is pulling himself out of that pie. :)

Have a great week!

Pork Chops anyone?  

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Well not that that kind anyway.....Meet Pork Chop. The first in a series of silhouette dolls. He is a cutie. Next in line to be completed is Vivian Fox...I can't wait for her to come to life.

He is available on etsy for 20.00 plus 5.35 shipping

Have a wonderful Wednesday! The weekend is getting closer! :)