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It's beginning to look like...  

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Halloween! Just finished these little button jars and a spoooky spider! I just love creating Halloween goodies! It brings a big ole' smile to my face! :)

These little treasures are listed in my etsy shop!

I got my summer issue of Prims Magazine in the mail! I just love the photo's they did of my Little garden fairies and Yoko the fly! It's an awesome issue with lots of very talented artists! I'm so lucky and overjoyed to be featured again!


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Windows open slight breeze in the air, trees are popping with little buds...and the squirrels ate my tulips. Spring is here!

I just finished these two little button jars. Next up a little butterfly girl and some witches. :)

The long lost art of blogging!  

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Well it's been almost two years since my last post. I guess it's time to dust off the old keyboard and get at it!

Last fall my little dolls were published in Prims Magazine and I will be featured in the upcoming  summer issue coming out this May! I'm so excited!! My Hubby and the kids made this little scrappy picture frame for me for the fall issue. I just love it!

Goodies I'm working on....A couple witches, a fourth of July parade girl, more pin keep things...  it's a long list LOL.