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The best laid plans.....  

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just don't turn out the way you expected. I spent my weekend painting kitties......just to find out that one little kitty looks a lot like a little husky dog. I was going for a Oreo style kitty (black and white) and Ema walks in and says "oh, Mom you made a ice doggie!" To my surprise I did! I had grabbed a ufd (Un-Finished Doll) that was in the pile of dolls and thought it had the kitty head and of course it didn't. Sometimes my best ideas aren't plans at all! LOL  I'll post pics as soon as I get him finished! I never thought doggies! But I must say...He is a cutie!
Have a great Monday!
♥ Crystal

The kitties are coming!  

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It was brought to my attention that I don't have cats or kitties. Well.....cat lovers they are on the way. I'm painting them today and hopefully will get them listed on etsy and of course I couldn't resist I had to do a Black cat for Halloween. He will be in my Lemon Poppy seed shop. I'm updating all my goodies hopefully mid week! I did list a new doll on etsy yesterday....Trina Turtle.......

Have a great day!
♥ Crystal 

Happy Spring!  

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Well, Spring is finally here! well offically anyway. LOL I must admit this wonderful weather has kept me outside and away from my sewing machine. But, today I have a plan.....I'm going to sew a whole bunch of dolls up and then turn and stuff outside on my front porch. I almost got all the sewing done! LOL

Have a great day! Enjoy some sunshine!
♥ Crystal

                                                      Henrietta Chick!

I must of blinked.....  

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because I missed spring! Where did it go? It's 80 in March!

Well, I am probably the worst blogger in the world....I try to keep up, It just never goes as planned. I have been busy with orders and getting new goodies drawn up. I need to set a time just for this blog everyday...even if it's at 1:00am. LOL

If you are on facebook...I do update quite often with new goodies and stuff. You can like us by following the link on the right or here Sweet Nothings by Em's Prims Once I get a few more likes I'm going to have a give away!

Well, I'm off to sit on the front porch, drinkin' my iced tea, sketchin' a little and watch the neighbors dog chase all the people down the street!

                                            Mini Gail Giraffe