Whimsy by Crystal

Canned Tomato For your cupboard..  

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Just finished this fun little guy this afternoon. I just love him.

He's available in my etsy shop.


A little witch....  

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I love vintage Halloween postcards, My favorites are of the little witches dressed in red sitting on pumpkins. They have inspired this new collection of Postcard witches. I hope you like them as much as I do. :)

I think I got it pretty close :) She is available on etsy. Just click her pic.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday! ♥


A little summertime...  

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Planted all my flowers last week and they a so pretty! I got some tomato plants and stuff that I'm going to put in my little garden area. I was sitting outside the other day with my sketch book and my tomato plants began to whisper to me....make me...make me....please. Now how could I turn that down. I do have a thing for tomato decor. :)

This is what I came up with.....

I love the little rusty wire cage. I was a little time consuming...but well worth it I think! I just love how it came out. Granny's Tomato's is available in my etsy shop.

♥~ Crystal

A Sweet Sheep  

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I don't know why I don't make more sheep. It's probably because they are just so hard to let go. I love them all. I figured out a fix for that. I just make 2. One I can keep. :) Problem solved.
Here's my newest little one. I hope you like her. She is a cutie!


On a Roll....  

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Well, sorta.. Mothers day was awesome here. My kids got me my roses they are the prettiest deep red. I got 3 (1 from each of them) and my honey got me a pink hydrangea. I seen this little cottage on pintrest with roses growing on the front porch and they wrap around kinda like a arch way. I fell in love with it. and somebody was actually listening. LOL That was my real present. But, I had a great day! :)

New goodies listed in my etsy shop today!

Have a wonderful week!


Spiders...Halloween 2013 Preview  

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Spiders and more spiders, I was on a little spider kick last week. I'd get one done and another one had to be made. I am in love with them. I can't decide which one is my favorite yet. I also finished a new whale. He's a cutie. They are all available in my etsy shop.