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What are you working on Wednesday?  

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Um...I'm filling orders today. And yesterday I finished up most of my goodies except a couple things and I'll probably  finish up my new little birdie and work on a new Halloween design!

I am pleased to present a very special little guy......Ping Panda! I hope you like him! Feedback on this little bear has been awesome! Thank you so much!

                  Ping is available on Etsy and I will be taking orders for him also!

Also if you are looking for my new ponies...I'm making more! :) Coming next is a Pinto and a White Mustang! I do have a Chestnut pony still available in my etsy shoppe.

Many Blessings!
Have a great day!

Thursday's coming's and goings....  

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I'm surprised at actually how much I got done today... Considering all the kids are now home all day with me and I am now their source for entertainment. Any ways....Before I lose my train of thought....I finished 4 crows, a bald eagle and a pony today. I'm pretty proud! They all are cuties and can be seen at Etsy . I have a couple more birdies coming at the end of this week or the first of next week. Let's think Fishing...and a new elly coming at the end of this week (Hopefully on Sat).

Have a great upcoming weekend! It is going to be a hot one here so I'll be staying in and sewing! Stay safe!!

                                    Uncle Sam Bald Eagle
                                       "We Salute You"

Kindergarten Graduation!  

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The Class of 2024...Wow! She looked so sweet. She was a trooper...She is still sick but wanted to graduate from kindergarten so bad she sucked it up for a little bit but in the end the stomach flu won! Poor kid!
I did get a couple of really cute pics!

In her little cap and gown!

Mommy's sweetheart!

New Kitty!  

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It's been a real busy weekend.....Em's been running a fever (102). She'll probably be home sick from school tomorrow. She only has 3 days left and she has her graduation from kindergarten! I'm so excited...
I finished up my Skit Cat and he is on  etsy

Here's a sneak peek of him!

I hope you like him!
Have a great week!

I'm a member!  

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I know two posts in one day! But I am excited to announce I am a member of the OFG team on etsy. They are are wonderful group of artists on etsy. You can find them on etsy.com by searching OFG team or here's there blog Old Farmhouse Gathering

Have a great Wednesday!

What are you working on Wed?  

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Well, I just finished 2 custom orders and started a new little project for Fall.. and Skat Cat all she needs is whiskers! I know it seems like I started her forever ago....But, I didn't like the first few so of course they are gone! But, I'm really pleased with this one! Here's a sneak peek of my newest gal/gals for fall.

Well I'm off to paint some hat's!
Have a great day!

My New Treasure!  

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Yesterday on Mother's day, My hubby decides its time to cut the hole for the attic access. (We recently bought this house and it doesn't have one and per everyone we needed one.) So it's just cutting a hole in the ceiling....No! Not at this house....after the hole is cut about a foot is low and behold another ceiling (Plaster I might add) So my hubby with hammer in tow... busted a hole in the plaster ceiling! then to find very old tongue and groove hardwood floors.....He looks at me and says" Now what?" Um you've already made this giant mess you might as well finish. So through the hardwood he went. Finally he made it to the big room that is our attic. There's window's (Covered by siding) and it is huge. Anyway, in the corner there's this old sewing table. It being mother's day my honey took it apart and brought it down the hole. I wasn't too concerned that the treadle parts were missing...(The wheel and foot) because I have my great grandmothers old singer bottom that my mom made a counter top for and it sits in my living room....So I did a little swapin' and I now have my singer back to the way granny did. This is a pic of before....Notice it's black from all dirt...

 After many hours of work this is what treasure I now have! I wouldn't trade it for the world!

I haven't decided if  I'm going to stain it and bring the color's back...I like it the way it is.

I hope you had a wonderful mother's day! I sure did! I got something I always wanted to get finished! and it was free!


P.S.    Hopefully a couple of mother's day from Now I'll have a new studio up in that old attic!!!

Happy Mothers Day!  

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My Mom.....What can I say! She is the greatest. I don't ever remember a time that she hasn't been there for me and my sisters! She is my biggest fan and cheerleader.... Thank you Mom for everything you did and still do today! I Love You!

Maggie Magpie!  

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Maggie is my newest little creation I hope you like her!

Maggie is available at Em's Prims

You can also find more little birdies for your coop at My etsy shoppe and My shoppe

Have a great day!

Kookey Birds Have Landed!  

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Kookey Birds are on Etsy.......Click Here to see!

They are a little Kookey and a little ookey but they are the sweetest birds. I hope you like them! Because I'm just thrilled at this new design. They make me giggle every time I look at them. I'll be adding new members to the Chicken  Pox Gang and To the Kookey Birds.

Have a great Friday!

New Goodies are here!  

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Well, I finished a lot of goodies over the weekend and got them listed on etsy and the Kookie Birds have landed. I'm hoping to get them listed this evening....and I have a new listing for Lemon Poppy Seeds later this evening! I think you'll like this creepy little guy! Here's a sneak peek....

He's a one of a kind character! I love the bolt eye! I have more halloween goodies floating around in my brain
and sketch pad.

Have a great day!