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I'm a busy Bee......Thank goodness!  

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Well it's been a bit! I've got so many goodies to work on. I'm going to be sewing and painting all day, tomorrow and the weekend. Yay! Lot's of new designs coming at the first of next week. I'm so excited I could pee my pants!

While I was itchy I went through and organized all my supplies and decided to de-clutter my hoard of goodies, in doing so I came up with some new designs to use up those goodies! These will be one of a kind! You won't want to miss these!

Anyways, Have a wonderful day and upcoming weekend!

Me and my Granny!
I just thought I'd let you see what the best granny in the world looks like! I love her so much!
 She is the inspiration of one of my upcoming dolls.
P.s   For those that know me...I know the dark hair is freaking you out but, it's better than the accidental blue that I was rockin'. LOL 

Dear Poison Ivy......  

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I just don't understand......you hid in my bushes attacking me when I wasn't even looking! I didn't mean to touch you. Who ever would? But now, my poor hands and face are covered in your nasty little bumps....swelling my little fingers to look like little sausages, the itching is just to much to bear.
 When will this ever end? I've swam in an ocean of calamine lotion, shots, pills, oh I love you Benadryl.
You've over stayed your welcome and now it's time for you to go!

I checked online for some remedies.....Let's just say I was willing to try everything and anything. Baking soda, hot water...(don't advise this because it makes it ooze and spread more...) Dish washing liquid rubbed on it. That works but don't sleep with it cause you might rub your eye.....LOL
Bleach, vinager I tried these,  burns your hand and you smell like a itchy pickle! And one guy suggests Gasoline, Kerosene or paint thinner. Ummmm, I don't think I want to walk around and smell like the gas station all day and wear a sign that says Flammable No Smoking! LOL
The only thing that I found that works is a shot of prednizone, benadryl, alcohol rubs and dawn dish liquid.
Or as my hubby would say "That's why they make garden gloves....maybe next time you'll wear yours!"

Let's just say it's been a Bad week here at the Cord's. No sewing, no stuffing, no painting, I was able to sketch out some new ideas and some patterns inbetween alcohol rubs. So once this is over and my hand is better I'll have a bunch of new goodies. :)

Hopefully that will be real soon!!!
Thanks for listening to me whine!

Is it too early....  

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For a little Halloween? Just incase you were itchin' for a little preview of what is coming out this year...I listed a new little Skelly bird on Lemon PoppySeeds , I'm working on a couple more little goodies, Hopefully they will be done at the end of the week.

Happy Easter!  

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Hope you have a wonderful day! Many Blessings! ♥ Crystal

She's Done!  

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I just listed her on etsy! She is reserved for Stephanie but, I will make more as custom orders if you would like to request Polly-Ann Peacock. Convo me on etsy or e-mail me. Her pics don't do her justice....anyway, I have 3 more birds that I'm trying to finish up....It will probably be Saturday before I get them completely listed.
Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!
Much Love!


Hi.... Ho... Hi... Ho... off to sew I go.......  

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Busy Busy Busy! I've been working on a new design for this wonderful new bird...She's been taped on my mirror waiting patiently for her turn and this week was her week! I must admit I did take a day away from her because Fun Fur....is not much fun to clean up! ;) I'm almost done just a couple of little details and she'll be on Etsy. Well, I'm off to bed!
♥ Crystal

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