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As promised....  

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 Just a few of the birdies that flew in....

                                                              Shine bright my little star!


New fabric!  

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I'm always looking for new fabrics to create my little goodies from....I spent the weekend doing some trial runs on a new fabric...and I'm in love with look and feel of my dolls, I did a old design and a new one and I can only say awesome. I love it...I really hope you do to. Also it is a lot easier for me to work with which means lot's more new goodies and designs. I worked on few yesterday and I'm finishing them up tonight. In recent months I've noticed the quality of the warm and natural has gone down hill. :( I haven't been able to buy any in months now. It was so thin last time I went to Jo-Ann's I touched it and put a hole in it. Not good for what I use it for. This fabric is bit more expensive and a higher quality. So I don't mind paying more if it means I'm not going to waste much of it. (mess ups, blow outs.. There is nothing like stuffing everything just for it to get a hole when you are making divots for the eyes and watch your daughter cut the head off to get the stuffing out!(my daughters favorite thing to do)!)  Warm and natural stretches really bad and this new fabric let's me mold them more like a little piece of clay but with fabric and stuffing. And painting them is going to show more of my skills because u have to be right on the mark with this fabric. I'm so excited!  I hope you are ready for a bunch of new designs because I have a lot for Christmas and the new birdies are flying in!

I hope to have pictures later tonight.
Hugs! Crystal

Busy weekend...  

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working on a jar of frogs..LOL I also finished up a new frog witch and started a new jol bobble head...I just need to put him together..first on the agenda for tomorrow...The rest of my day is up in the air.  I think I might just sit outside on the porch and enjoy my iced tea and watch the cars go by! Sounds like a plan...

I know I'm on a froggy kick...but how can you resist that face?

The last witch of 2012 :( (I think!!!)

New fall gooodies!  

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Well it's that time of year to start some great fall items. I just love creating for Halloween. It makes me so happy! Here's some new designs that are available in my etsy shop. I hope they make you smile... :)

JOL Bobber
Wicked frog

For these little goodies visit my Etsy Shoppe.....And while your there visit the OFG Team artists. Type OFG TEAM in the search bar for more fabulous Halloween goodies.

Have a great weekend...I'm off to create some new frog witches and a couple more surprises!
Hugs, Crystal

Ball of fun...  

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Just a quick post...... I got some new ornaments in my etsy shoppe today.....and I'm working on more...Here's a peek ...