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Something New  

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Frosty the caroling book snowman...

Oh My....  

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Time sure does fly by. I noticed my last post was in August. Sorry! I promise to do better.

I've been so busy with new designs, I've been a sewing up a storm!


A little something new..  

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I finished some little goodies and got them listed in my etsy shop. Here's a little peek...

I'm working on a couple new designs for Halloween.....I think you'll really like these....I little hint....He's green...
Hopefully if the pattern goes right they will be ready on Sunday! Have a great weekend!


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Halloween and Christmas goodies are swirling in my head. If you haven't stopped by my etsy shoppe in a little while, It is full of new Halloween treats.

Just added: Carolyn Witch, Bobbity Owl and Enchanted pumpkin tart

Have a great day!

New Halloween treats!  

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New goodies on etsy...


Poison bottle...  

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Well I found a tutorial for coloring ball jars on pinterest. I'm sure everyone one has seen it in some form or the other. Modge podge and food coloring and the oven. Well I tried it. Not on jars but some old bottles I wanted to use for some new potion / poison bottles. Little note if you are a control freak like me...probably need to have a paper bag ready to breathe in. There is no control on how these turn out. :( So this was a completely new experience for me. Anyways, They came out quite nice, but I did mine twice to get a real dark red. I was browsing the net for the tutorial and came across this one. It's nice because you don't use the oven and you won't get the ring around the top. You can find it here CarolynsHomework.blogspot.com

Here's my Poison bottle all finished....

He is available in my etsy shop...

Have a great weekend!

Meet Pete!  

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I just love these new pumpkin men. They are all so sweet. This time we have Pete and his candy bowl. He will be so cute on your table filled with your favorite treats. He's available in my etsy shoppe. I hope he made you smile today! :)

Have a great Tuesday.

Baby Bunnies and Rain...  

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What a combo. Yesterday we had my little sister's baby shower. She's having a little boy Jackson! :) We are all excited. I made her a little baby bunny for her table. He is just the cutest little thing. It was a beautiful shower with lots of family and friends. Then the real shower occurred...more like a hurricane. Normally I love a good thunderstorm. but yesterday was not that day. My window wouldn't roll up....so I'm standing in the rain with a garbage bag trying to cover it up. It would of worked too if it wouldn't of been for that pesky convertible top. No metal around the window. But, I'm pretty resourceful so I hopped in the car and turned it around so the rain wasn't blowing in.. As I sat in my little car and tried to push that stupid button for the millionth time I wondered why I opted for power windows... a little vision of my next doll came to mind. I'll be working on that today. The moral of the story....carry duck tape in your trunk....and even at your worst moment something great could happen and always laugh because it could of been that convertible top not going up. :)

Jackson's bunny is listed in my etsy shop as a custom order doll. He was awesome sitting next to her while she opened all her gifts. He or She is available in your choice of colors and Personalized with your choice of name.

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to sew!
Hugs, Crystal

Enchanted Pumpkin Pie  

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Sometimes, I just wonder where in my mind some ideas come from. This one just crept up on me. I think I was hungry...odd thing I don't like pumpkin pie. LOL,  I'm a Lemon Meringue girl. Yummy! But just my Mom's.
But, I do love a creepy pumpkin guy any time of the year.

He's now listed in my etsy shop.

He's a great little piece I just love how he came to life and is pulling himself out of that pie. :)

Have a great week!

Pork Chops anyone?  

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Well not that that kind anyway.....Meet Pork Chop. The first in a series of silhouette dolls. He is a cutie. Next in line to be completed is Vivian Fox...I can't wait for her to come to life.

He is available on etsy for 20.00 plus 5.35 shipping

Have a wonderful Wednesday! The weekend is getting closer! :) 

Canned Tomato For your cupboard..  

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Just finished this fun little guy this afternoon. I just love him.

He's available in my etsy shop.


A little witch....  

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I love vintage Halloween postcards, My favorites are of the little witches dressed in red sitting on pumpkins. They have inspired this new collection of Postcard witches. I hope you like them as much as I do. :)

I think I got it pretty close :) She is available on etsy. Just click her pic.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday! ♥


A little summertime...  

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Planted all my flowers last week and they a so pretty! I got some tomato plants and stuff that I'm going to put in my little garden area. I was sitting outside the other day with my sketch book and my tomato plants began to whisper to me....make me...make me....please. Now how could I turn that down. I do have a thing for tomato decor. :)

This is what I came up with.....

I love the little rusty wire cage. I was a little time consuming...but well worth it I think! I just love how it came out. Granny's Tomato's is available in my etsy shop.

♥~ Crystal

A Sweet Sheep  

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I don't know why I don't make more sheep. It's probably because they are just so hard to let go. I love them all. I figured out a fix for that. I just make 2. One I can keep. :) Problem solved.
Here's my newest little one. I hope you like her. She is a cutie!


On a Roll....  

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Well, sorta.. Mothers day was awesome here. My kids got me my roses they are the prettiest deep red. I got 3 (1 from each of them) and my honey got me a pink hydrangea. I seen this little cottage on pintrest with roses growing on the front porch and they wrap around kinda like a arch way. I fell in love with it. and somebody was actually listening. LOL That was my real present. But, I had a great day! :)

New goodies listed in my etsy shop today!

Have a wonderful week!


Spiders...Halloween 2013 Preview  

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Spiders and more spiders, I was on a little spider kick last week. I'd get one done and another one had to be made. I am in love with them. I can't decide which one is my favorite yet. I also finished a new whale. He's a cutie. They are all available in my etsy shop.


Happy Friday!  

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I'm almost caught up with all the new  goodies... Just two more to finish...and then I got 3 new bird designs to do. I got most of them listed on etsy tonight. Here's a couple of my favs...

Spinner Spider

Cole S. Law


A cute treasury full of Lady bugs....  

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 'Lady Bug..... Lady bug..... fly away home......' by emsprims

Dreaming of summer!

Butterfly Kisses & Ladybug H...

Glass Bead Lady Bug Scissor ...

Lady Bug Candlemat

Primitive Ladybugs, Primitiv...

Ladybug Mini Canvas on Easel...

LadyBug Mouse one of the swe...

Retro LadyBug PIncushion wit...

PRiMiTiVE FoLk ArT FaiRY LaD...

Ceramic handpainted Ladybug ...

Crochet Ladybug Shell Cover ...

Primitive Ladybugs and Daisi...

Ladybug Pair

Good Luck Ladybugs - Hand Pa...

Ladybug Cake topper

Ladybug Embellishment

Large Deviled Egg Plate - Da...

Something New...  

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I just finished up a couple of fun little goodies and they are available in my etsy shop today.

Here's a sneak peek of one ....

Meet Oscar  He's a big fish in a little bowl. :)

See Spot run....  

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 Just finished this cutie today.....

He's available in my etsy shop. I hope he made you smile today! :)

Barn Cats  

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Oh boy the flu has visited our house! I'm so happy that it has left. But, at least I'm ahead on my spring cleaning.

I finished up some new designs...I'm very pleased with these new standing cats. I also finished up a new fly doll. I just love her eyes.



These and more new goodies are in my etsy shop! These kitties have lots of attitude. They should they are the best mousers in the state. I just love them so much!

Well I'm off to sew another new design. I was a sketching fool during the flu outbreak! :)

Have a blessed day!