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Oh, Thank goodness it's Friday.....It has been a long hot week. And to top everything off my computer bit the big one over the weekend. Thankfully I was able to get most of the important goodies off her before she went.

I just finished up a couple of new goodies yesterday! They are in my etsy shop.

Meet Audrey... She is just the cutest little plant from outer space. Over the weekend my daughter Ema watched Little Shop of Horrors over, over and over. So of course it was going through my head over and over....and this is what happens! LOL But, she was a blast to make! So it all works out.

I also introduced a new line of dolls... Something Whimsy... They are not stained or aged at all just lots of bright colors. Audrey is a member and Gladice humming bird. Gladice is also a new in between size. She's 2½ inches taller than a mini and 2½ inches smaller than my regular birds. 

These are available on etsy but will soon be available at Em's Prims

I now have a Lemon Poppy seeds extreme shop. I have some new angels in there...Visit on the first of the month for my updates! While your there stop by and visit the other artists for some extreme goodies.

Also, The Summer issue for Rusty Tin Roof....Is about to hit computers everywhere! If you didn't already know I'm an editor for the magazine and I just finished my first ever pattern available for download. And it is in the summer issue. Don't miss out....It's a great magazine and it's free! 

Last but not least....I'm a member of a great group of talented artists on etsy Old Farmhouse Gathering aka OFG team. They have some really great goodies for sale.....To find them type OFG team on the Search box! 

Have a great weekend!
I'm off to finish up a new goody just for you! 

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