Whimsy by Crystal


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Oh, Thank goodness it's Friday.....It has been a long hot week. And to top everything off my computer bit the big one over the weekend. Thankfully I was able to get most of the important goodies off her before she went.

I just finished up a couple of new goodies yesterday! They are in my etsy shop.

Meet Audrey... She is just the cutest little plant from outer space. Over the weekend my daughter Ema watched Little Shop of Horrors over, over and over. So of course it was going through my head over and over....and this is what happens! LOL But, she was a blast to make! So it all works out.

I also introduced a new line of dolls... Something Whimsy... They are not stained or aged at all just lots of bright colors. Audrey is a member and Gladice humming bird. Gladice is also a new in between size. She's 2½ inches taller than a mini and 2½ inches smaller than my regular birds. 

These are available on etsy but will soon be available at Em's Prims

I now have a Lemon Poppy seeds extreme shop. I have some new angels in there...Visit on the first of the month for my updates! While your there stop by and visit the other artists for some extreme goodies.

Also, The Summer issue for Rusty Tin Roof....Is about to hit computers everywhere! If you didn't already know I'm an editor for the magazine and I just finished my first ever pattern available for download. And it is in the summer issue. Don't miss out....It's a great magazine and it's free! 

Last but not least....I'm a member of a great group of talented artists on etsy Old Farmhouse Gathering aka OFG team. They have some really great goodies for sale.....To find them type OFG team on the Search box! 

Have a great weekend!
I'm off to finish up a new goody just for you! 

New Goodies!  

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I added 3 new dollies on etsy tonight. I've also been working on my new Poppy shoppe! I'm so excited... I got some angels going in there this week....Next dollies are green masked love birds...your Love keeps me afloat, a cat, a sweet new pig design and a couple of more surprises...So look for them in the next couple of days. Well, It's going to be a long night...needle felting porcupine quills.
Sleep Tight!

Happy Fathers day!  

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My Dad.....My superhero....

What can I say...I'm a very lucky girl to have this guy as her daddy! Thank you dad for all the things that you've done and still do today!  I Love you more than you will ever know! ♥ XoXo

It's a bug's life!  

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Well at least around here this week....I did it..A Mosquito that you will want to hang around you. I think she came out really cute. I also did a lighting bug and a Dragon fly.. They are both very cute if I do say so myself. I have a couple more to do..an Ant, Spider, and a Yellow Butterfly. And I think I have a possum and porcupine on that list for today. Have a great weekend!

How do You make a Fly cute?  

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Well, I don't know but I sure gave her a try......She is my new Fav :) She is available now.....

                               Freda Fly

Well what do you think?
I worked on a bunch of new designs over the weekend...Lot's of new goodies coming in the next two weeks. I've got a little bit everything, bugs, farm, Halloween, kitties, and of course birds. So visit us often...I'll be listing them as I get them done!
Have a great Tuesday!


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I got some goodies listed on etsy today....and I finished that frog and changed my mind about the hat..so I'm going to try something a little different. Also I'm sending in a pattern for the next issue of Rusty Tin Roof online magazine. So I've been on the computer trying to get that together. I don't sell patterns so it has been a learning experience. lol

Here's my new items on etsy....


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For 90% of the day I thought it was Thursday...So that should tell ya about today! Busy! Finished up orders and out they went....Sketched out my doll for the year....I always make myself one special doll a year. I'm really excited about this years doll. Tore out the muslin for a little Halloween doll that will be available soon..and I finished that darn frog's legs and arms! I'll have photos of her tomorrow! I really like her...But if it's halloween You know I'm gonna like it.

The only thing I messed up tonight is Dinner...LOL Really it wasn't my fault....I wanted to grill hamburgers ...I didn't know that the gauge is broken so I had enough gas to grill one side of them! So I had to take them in and pan fry them! I'm not a real big fan of dried hamburgers and that's what I got. Lesson I learned ...When the little needle is on the edge of the green ...fill the tank. At least it wasn't steaks or chicken!!! Oh well it was a nice little laugh for the kids!!!

Hope your Wednesday was great!

Just listed...  

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I just finished up and listed on Etsy Fred and Ethel Spanish Lovebirds..I just love the colors of these birds. They remind of the the morning sun...bright yellow with a hint of orange and red. I also finished up a new kitty Precious...she's white and just the cutest thing. Here's pic's of them both....

I hope you like them! Have a great day! I'm off to finish up some ponies and that darn frog!!

It's June!  

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I can't believe how fast time is just flying by.....It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating New Years!
I just listed a new little fishing guy on Etsy. I think he came out really good. I love his face! Tonight I'm working on a new design for a pair of cutie love birds and finishing up a elephant and frog. Busy day ahead! Here's a peek at Sam Seagull.....

Have a great weekend!